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駕駛改進課程 09:00 - 18:00 09:30 - 18:30 18:30 - 22:30




香港銅鑼灣軒尼詩道 458-468 號金聯商業中心 4 樓 (港鐵銅鑼灣站C出口)


  1. 本人明白必須由首節上堂日起計兩個月內完成所有課堂,才能獲發修習證書;於課堂上表現良好,留心聽課,積極參與課堂的小組討論及所有評核(筆試)合格,才能獲發課程證書。
  2. 本人明白課程的出席率必須達到100%,否則不得參與期末評核。如遲到或缺席逾15分鐘或以上,將不獲安排上課或被視作未有完成課程,本人需繳付 $38及重新預約課堂。
  3. 本人明白需在課程的末段進行評核(筆試)。本人需在評核回答共20題多項選擇題, 答對12題(即60%)或以上方為及格。
  4. 本人於選擇前已考慮清楚並明白所選之服務及以上資料,簽署作實後,不能作任何更改。倘因特殊情況需作更改而有關要求獲得接納,需繳付$38行政費。
  5. 本人願意遵守貴公司所定之一切規則。
  6. 本人明白如需作退款安排,需提供理由及有關證明文件,以書面形式向A1駕駛學校提出申請。倘若申請獲得接納,已出席課堂之金額將以原價計算,所得總額會於已繳付的學費及相關費用中扣除,並需支付 $38 退學行政費,所剩餘額(如有者)將於批核完成後8星期內發放。
  7. 本人同意貴公司在基於個人資料(私隱)條例保障個人資料原則下,將會收集、保存、處理學員的個人資料(包括身份證明文件、駕駛執照、課程的行為表現及考試成績等)作內部登記及記錄之用,而貴公司亦會轉交以上資料至運輸署以登記成績及作其他有關用途。
  8. 根據個人資料(私隱)條例,若本人不願意收取貴公司之推廣訊息,可致函通知九龍長沙灣道264號金輝大樓地下B舖A1駕駛學校收。
  9. 本人登記及/或完成以上課程並不表示本人需要參加或合乎資格參加任何考試及/或保證該等考試之合格。該等考試包括(但不限於)香港特別行政區運輸署之駕駛考試。
  1. 本人明白必須由首節上堂日起計兩個月內完成所有課堂,才能獲發修習證書;於課堂上表現良好,留心聽課,積極參與課堂的小組討論及所有評核(筆試)合格,才能獲發課程證書。
    I understand that an attendance certificate will be issued if a course participant has fully attended and completed the Course while a course certificate will be issued if he/she has fully attended and completed the Course with satisfactory performance (i.e. attended all class(es) of the Course on time, paid attention, participated actively in class and group discussions and activities, and passed the course-end written assessment). The Course should be completed within two months from the date of the first session of the Course.
  2. 本人明白課程的出席率必須達到100%,否則不得參與期末評核。如本人遲到或缺席逾15分鐘或以上,將不獲安排上課或被視作未有完成課程,本人需繳付 $38及重新預約課堂。
    I understand that the participants should have 100% attendance of the Course in order to participate in the course-end written assessment. If late or absent for more than 15 minutes, I will be considered as not having completed the Course and rescheduling fee of $38 will be charged.
  3. 本人明白需在課程的末段進行評核(筆試)。本人需在評核回答共20題多項選擇題, 答對12題(即60%)或以上方為及格。
    I understand that the course-end written assessment will take place at the last 30 minutes of the Course. I have to answer 20 multiple-choice questions in the course-end written assessment. The passing mark is 12 correct answers (i.e. 60%).
  4. 本人於選擇前已考慮清楚並明白所選之服務及以上資料,簽署作實後,不能作任何更改。倘因特殊情況需作更改而有關要求獲得接納,需繳付$38行政費。
    I have considered carefully when selecting the above services, and understand that by signing below, no amendment will be accepted. While amendment is required under special situation and the request is accepted, A1 Driving School will charge an administration fee of $38.
  5. 本人願意遵守A1駕駛學校所定之一切規則。
    I agree to abide by the rules and regulations of A1 Driving School.
  6. 本人明白如需作退款安排,需提供理由及有關證明文件,以書面形式向A1駕駛學校提出申請。倘若申請獲得接納,已出席課堂之金額將以原價計算,所得總額會於已繳付的學費及相關費用中扣除,並需支付 $38 退學行政費,所剩餘額(如有者)將於批核完成後8星期內發放。
    If I request refund, I am required to provide the reason and relevant supporting documents, and apply to A1 Driving School in writing. If the application is accepted, the listed price of attended lessons and Course Withdrawal Fee of $38 will be deducted from the amount of course and related fees paid. The balance (if any) will be refunded to me within 8 weeks upon approval.
  7. 本人同意A1駕駛學校在基於個人資料(私隱)條例保障個人資料原則下,將會收集、保存、處理本人的個人資料(包括身份證明文件、駕駛執照、課程的行為表現及考試成績等)作內部登記及記錄之用,而A1駕駛學校亦會轉交以上資料至運輸署以登記成績及作其他有關用途。
    Based on the Data Protection Principles of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, I agree that my personal information (i.e. including identification documents, driving licences, course performance and results of the course-end written assessment, etc.) will be collected, retained and processed by A1 Driving School for registration and recording purposes. The above information will also be transferred to the Transport Department for recording and other related purposes.
  8. 根據個人資料(私隱)條例,若本人不願意收取貴公司之推廣訊息,可致函通知旺角亞皆老街39-41號金山商業大廈5樓MEG Limited收。
    According to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, if I do not wish to receive any promotional messages from the company, I can write to notify MEG Limited at 5/F, Golden Hill Commercial Building, 39-41 Argyle Street, Mong Kok accordingly.
  9. 本人登記及/或完成以上課程並不表示本人需要參加或合乎資格參加任何考試及/或保證該等考試之合格。該等考試包括(但不限於)香港特別行政區運輸署之駕駛考試。
    My enrollment and/or completion of the above courses do not constitute my obligations or fulfilment of the required qualification to take any tests and/or guarantee passing of such tests. For the avoidance of doubt, such tests shall include (but not limited to) driving tests administrated by the Transport Department of HKSAR.